About this project

MOFAD City is a multimedia collaboration between Eater and the Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD) that tells the stories of food cultures in neighborhoods around the country. The project’s goal is to promote appreciation of immigrant food traditions and to inspire thoughtful discussion around the meaning of American cuisine.

This guide (with more to come!) covers the food culture of Manhattan’s Chinatown, and offers a focus on a community’s rich history and the restaurants and food vendors that contribute to it. We hope users will learn about the culture and historical significance of culinary landmarks and explore issues of food culture, identity, immigration, and adaptation — all while enjoying food and supporting local businesses.


MOFAD is a nonprofit that is creating the world’s first large-scale museum with exhibits you can eat. MOFAD advances public understanding of the culture, history, science, production, and commerce of food and drink. The museum currently operates MOFAD Lab, an exhibit design studio and gallery space in Brooklyn, NY, now showing Chow: Making the Chinese American Restaurant. Featuring beautiful artifacts, tastings, and live demos of a fortune cookie machine, Chow tells the incredible story behind one of the country’s most popular cuisines. To plan your visit and learn more, visit mofad.org.

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Eater.com is the source for people who care about dining and drinking in the nation’s most important food cities. A favorite of industry pros and restaurant obsessives alike, it keeps readers in the know about their local dining scenes and national and international trends while also providing in-depth criticism and analysis, award-winning longform stories, and entertaining and informative videos. Eater is the only food world publication with a staff of editors and journalists on the ground in more than two dozen cities across America.

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