Sun Hing Lung Co

58 Henry St
New York, NY 10002
(212) 962-7032

Zongzi comprises glutinous rice stuffed, wrapped in bamboo leaves, and tied up with a string. Zongzi, sometimes shortened to zong, and also known as joong in Cantonese, are most commonly filled with red bean paste, Chinese sausage, dried scallops, chicken, mushrooms, or mung beans. At Sun Hing Lung Co on Henry Street, zongzi cost less than $2; options include fish, corn, dried shrimp, and mixed vegetables.

Once filled, zongzi are steamed or boiled for several hours. While wrapping zongzi in bamboo leaves is most common, lotus, banana, and pandan leaves can be also used. The art of wrapping zongzi a skill that is passed down through generations​; the food is traditionally cooked and eaten at home and ​making it is often a family affair

Patty Diez
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